What people are saying

“I’ve been working to help people with chronic, preventable diseases for 20 years, with organizations such as American Diabetes Association. And I’ve never seen anything like NutriStyle.” 

— Gary Deverman CEO Building Healthier America


“We believe NutriStyle is going to help over 50 million Latino families here in the United States deal with Diabetes and Obesity.” 

— Mike Sotelo CEO Consolidar


“This is exactly the type of program we need for our patients.” 

— Head Nurse Practitioner of Medical Center


“Highly flexible, multi-layered approach to generating menu acknowledges that every individual is unique. It blows the cookie cutter approach of other systems away.” 

— Steve Kinsley a Registered Dietitian


“You figured out the back-end technology. This is what people have been looking for.” 

— Francisco Garbayo, Cambia Health Solutions


“This has the potential to change the way people shop.”  

— Former CEO of Major Food Company