Use the technology chosen by healthcare pros

Developed by healthcare professionals and used by those in the industry.

Get personalized menus, recipes, & shopping lists

Set your goals, location, dietary needs, activity level, brand favorites, and grocer. We do the rest.

Compare foods & find coupons

Compare nutrients for your favorite foods & recipes.

Update your food log, weight, & activity level

Easy to check in with updates, make changes, and more. Voice features in planning.

Track your progress & find exercises to boost your activity level

Check your dashboard for progress charts, find exercises, and more.


We’re making history.

Nutrition and health software have always existed in a silo. The key link was missing — where people shop for food.


Never before has a software app connected the dots — until now. 

Developed by healthcare and fitness professionals, registered dietitians, and university professors with Ph.Ds in nutrition and human performance in consultation with grocery and food products marketing experts.


Let food be thy medicine.
Let medicine be thy food. 

— Hippocrates

Are you a health professional?

NutriStyle Pro adds a client management and communications portal to our software that lets you design clinical grade meal plans for clients and patients, based on rules you’re already using. 

Field-tested by more than 250 nutrition professionals and registered dietitians

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