The magic happens through partnerships

We're making history

Nutrition and health software have always existed in a silo. The key link was missing — where people get the food they eat. Never before has a software app connected the dots — until now.

We connect consumers, health professionals, & food retailers — in one stop

We work with food & health organizations — grocery stores, restaurants, food manufacturers, healthcare providers, fitness trainers, dietitians, sports teams, nonprofits, schools & universities, membership orgs, and more.



Supported by extensive field, clinical, and academic research

Rigorously tested by more than 250 registered dietitians and nutritionists. Read about our validation process through science and practice, along with a sample of research data.


AI-powered precision nutrition

We match consumer menu plans and recipes to local grocers, restaurants, and food distributors by connecting clinical grade nutrition software directly to food sources and brands available locally and online.

Free for consumers

We remove roadblocks to healthier choices by making the app free to consumers. We earn revenue through partnerships with food and healthcare companies, and we are developing a paid software app for health professionals.



  • Healthcare organizations
  • Food manufacturers, grocers, distributors, & restaurants
  • Fitness & sports organizations
  • Schools & universities
  • Membership organizations
  • Government organizations
  • Nonprofits

We also offer product category sponsorships & product placements. Additionally, we offer grants to nonprofit partners that support community childhood programs and efforts that combine nutrition planning with related educational programs and technologies.

Current partners include Swedish Medical Group, 24HR Virtual Clinic, Building Healthier America, Consolidar, American Council on Exercise, Produce for Better Health Foundation, Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation, and more.