Healthy Kids, Healthy You

As a company, we are focused on helping solve the growing obesity crisis by using precision nutrition to help arrest the proliferation of chronic ailments, like diabetes and heart disease. 

Our brand Healthy Kids, Healthy You takes aim at the alarming growth in nutrition-related childhood diseases.

COMING SOON — a fun nutrition app for kids

Motivational activities & games to inspire action. Designed with input from teens, parents, & providers.

  • No calorie counting
  • Sync with wearable
  • Machine learning helps set goals
  • Food diary with easy-to-use metrics
  • Improves food and activity awareness
  • Easy to monitor by non-specialists (GPs, Parents, etc.)
  • Empowers kids to set achievable goals based on current behavior

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Do you have successful DPP, wellness or lifestyle coaching programs in place? Our approach also enhances adult DPP.