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News Articles


Whole Foods Launches Digital Catalog Organized by Dietary Preference Inc.’s Whole Foods Market has launched an online catalog that lets shoppers search by dietary preference, and provides nutritional information and ingredients.



Kroger is Changing Grocery Shopping as We Know It — and It’s Becoming a Bigger Threat to Amazon

New technology digitally displays pricing and nutritional information, video ads, and coupons, and is installed on store shelves where paper price tags hang.



Kroger, Microsoft Create Futuristic Grocery Store. Amazon, Take Note

The supermarket chain and technology giant are using the cloud to make it faster to navigate the grocery aisles and pick up online orders. 



Walgreens Teams With Microsoft to Battle Amazon

Walgreens’ “digital health centers,” will begin using Microsoft’s Azure cloud-computing software, moving applications and data to the tech giant’s data centers. 



Albertsons Becomes Latest Microsoft Retail Partner

Joining other big retailers looking to thwart Amazon’s grocery expansion, Albertsons has signed an agreement to make Microsoft Azure its preferred cloud computing platform. 



HCSC and Blue Cross Blue Shield Institute Team Up on New Healthy Food Delivery Service

FoodQ initiative initially launched in 25 zip codes in Chicago typically considered “food deserts.” 



A Philosophy of Food as Medicine

The idea that your diet should be tailored to your body’s needs sounds high-tech, but it’s been part of Chinese cooking for millennia. 



CVS, Walgreens Look to the Chronically Ill for a Pharmacy Cure

The chains are hoping to reverse their sagging fortunes by turning drugstores into go-to treatment centers. 



What We Aren’t Eating is Killing us, Global Study Finds

Which risk factor is responsible for more deaths around the world than any other? Not smoking. Not even high blood pressure. It’s a poor diet. 



As Tech Companies Move into Health Care, Here’s What to Watch in 2019

Our bodies, our tech companies. 



Why Food Could Be the Best Medicine of All

There are a number of groundbreaking efforts that finally consider food a critical part of a patient’s medical care—and treat food as medicine that can have as much power to heal as drugs.