Your Daily Caloric Target Calculator

Want to know how many calories you should be eating per day? This calculator will help you find your target based on your personal goals.





lbs while losing or gaining lbs per week

You can modify the minutes in the example below to more accurately reflect your planned duration in each of 3 intensity levels. Keep in mind that the time spent in any of these intensity levels is above and beyond typical daily activities such as household tasks or walking to the bus.

Average daily time (in minutes) spent doing activity at:

(e.g., walking comfortably, bicycling leisurely, water aerobics/calisthenics, volleyball [non-competitive], bowling, lawn bowling/shuffleboard/croquet, miniature golf and driving range, dancing [slower paced)
(e.g. very brisk walking, bicycling [with effort but not racing intensity], fast ballroom/line/disco dancing, weight lifting [free weight, nautilus, universal-type], competitive tennis [doubles], intense gardening/hauling/tilling)
e.g. running, high impact aerobic dance, competitive tennis [singles], swim training, jumping rope, bicycle racing, rigorous mountain biking, heavy lifting, hiking uphill or with a heavy backpack)